You might be curious about working together at a more personal level to save you time, achieve rapid results and specific tailored focus.

Who do I work with ?

Typically my clients come from the field of technology, sales and startups who wish to explore their potential, who see life as one big adventure and are curious to explore the art of the possible.  You may be feeling stifled in your career, finding it difficult to create a work/life balance or frustrated that your energy is going into areas that do not fulfil you. In essence your expectations are not aligned with your reality.

What I do?

Together we change your reality. When I first started coaching clients to improve their ‘performance’, I wondered what I had to offer them or why they wanted to see me. What came back from all of them was that through a simple conversation they felt comfortable, relaxed and were able to let go of all inhibitions and be themselves. Through a simple conversation I enter their world, navigate the obstacles, fears, limiting beliefs and provide them with keys to open the doors that lead to the answers they seek most in business, relationships and life.

Life is one indivisible whole so you are only as strong as your weakest link.

We shine the light in the dark corners of your subconscious where you may have been afraid to look previously. Once illuminated you have more choices, more possibilities allowing you to execute and dive to your vision in paradigm shifting ways. We explore your potential, amplify opportunity, and create the ability to act with ease.

Typically the main clients I enjoy working with are people exploring their potential and are going through transition and are discovering the difference they make in their life, business and the world when they begin to flexing their mental muscle.

What are the areas I focus on with my clients?

– Leadership

–  Accountability/ Goal Setting

– Business to Business Sales skills

– Subconscious self-limiting beliefs that limit them personally and professionally

I create different approaches for each one on one client, depending on the client’s needs and wants. I use a few modalities in order to work with them, which include:

         Neuro Linguistic Programming

         Co-Active Coaching

         Eastern Philosophy (Vedic, Zen)

         Western Mystery Tradition (Hermetic)



I believe that my clients know the answers. You are the captain of the ship and I am the navigator.

What I’m here for is to support them in finding clarity, to find answers within themselves and to provide an advice if they need one on specific challenges.

There are times they will require different levels of advice and if needed, I will open up my Linkedin, or other advisors as well who are close friends and contacts of mine, to provide support for them in different points in their business.

How do you get started working with me?

         Discovery Session

         Transform Package


How does the payment structure work?

You pay for 3 months upfront, then after that we go month to month.  Typically I work with my clients for years, but the payments work 3 months upfront and then after that we go month to month after that.


Training & Workshops

         Linkedin Social Selling

         Business to Business Selling

         Networking for Success

         Introduction to Self-Leadership

         NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training