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profileKresant Mahilall is a technology sales executive, NLP coach/trainer with a passion for connecting people, through stories, to create innovation and paradigm shifts that matter to you and the world. You will find him playing on his personal blog site The #KMInspires Project where he explores human potential. Believing in big ideas. Fresh perspectives. Uncovering your truest self. Follow him on Linkedin and Twitter @KresantM.

Having a keen interest in people, and technology, Kresant started his sales career at IBM. After 5 years at the corporate giant, learning the art of sales, seeing the changes that technology could bring to business transformation and being mentored by industry leaders he decided to try his hand in his own startup.

RankHigher.com, a full service digital marketing agency was born. In the first 12 months he secured contracts with blue chip clients namely: Salesforce, Hollards Insurance, Telstra Trading Post. In addition to RankHigher.com, Kresant led a team of over 80 direct sellers in the network marketing industry as he applied B2B skills in the B2C market to round his knowledge in these two very different arenas.

Kresant has worked with Google, Salesforce, and Amazon Web Services to educate businesses around the constraints of traditional IT to the business agility of Cloud Platforms most recently with, cloud innovator, Fronde Australia.

Over his 12 years of selling, Kresant is responsible for generating annual sales in excess of $21 million and successfully negotiated business deals with CEOs and CFOs from a wide range of industries. He understands that the old way of cold calls, sales demo’s and email blasts are dead. The new sales playbook involves educating, engaging clients with insights, and challenging the client’s view of the world.

Interests: Entrepreneurship, Technology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Specialities: Personal & Professional Coaching; Sales Coaching, Training and Consulting; Business Development Strategies

“Change is the only constant. It is time to get comfortable living on the edge of your comfort zone – that’s where the magic happens!”

YouTube : www.youtube.com/kminspiresme

Twitter: @KresantM

LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/kresantmahilall

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